The Week In Videos (03/10 – 03/16)

Juce – Call You Out

It’s been SXSW week and so the only week of the year that didn’t see me sweat for choosing the videos to include in our dedicated column. My first pick comes, this time, from London trio Juce. Their video for Call You Out – a song that we featured a few weeks ago – fits the music’s 90s throwback perfectly: it’s very TLC.


Maya Jane Coles – Comfort

You might have noticed from our previous weekly roundups that we are obsessed by weird things. If so, you won’t be surprised to find the new Maya Jane Coles’ video on this pages. It’s directed by Jonas Lord and… yes, adequately disturbing.


Ghost Culture – Giudecca

Here’s another video that makes a great pair with the song it represents: Phantasy Sound-signee Ghost Culture’s music (and general presentation) possesses an out-of-focus, meta vein; the same goes for the related, freshly released Lewis Lloyd-directed clip.


Cousin Matt – Cousin Matt

The rise of Frankie Cosmos reminded everyone that we don’t need to always be pretentious about music, but that simple things are still beautiful. The video for Brooklyn/Atlanta-based duo Cousin Matt’s second single rides that exact same wave of sweet simplicity and is, indeed, precious.


Banks – Brain

How do you make a b/w video feel heated? You put Banks (and some pink flashes) in it.