The Week In Videos (03/03 – 03/09)

Magic Island – Baby Blu

New week, new episode of our weekly video feature. And if you just woke up (like I did), you’ll probably want to start your Sunday morning through the most pastel-toned of lenses. Here you are.


Summer Camp – Crazy

My “crush” for Summer Camp is long gone, but Andrea insisted to have their new video featured here. Also, my girlfriend is currently studying for her cinema history exam, we discussed Hitchcock last night and this video appears to celebrate Psycho (and other horror classics). Eventually, that convinced me. But, hey, don’t get me wrong: it’s def a worth watching.


Hundred Waters – Cavity

As I said, my girlfriend’s studying cinema history and, I guess, in particular the evolution of filmmaking techniques. Well, I don’t know a damn about filming/directing/stuff like that, but I think to still be able to understand that director Michael Langan did an amazing job on empty spaces/the use of black colour/fragmented images/lights in his video for Gainesville sweethearts Hundred Waters’ new single. Am I right? Song’s also v good.


Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Little Fang

I guess that The Muppets are not part of Francesca’s exam program: they should.


Yumi Zouma – A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers + The Brae

I’m not a movie nerd, but I’m quite familiar with TV shows. Some time ago, I wished Yumi Zouma made the OST for Dawson’s Creek. Now, the Kiwi trio basically got back at me with two Eugene Kotlyarenko-directed videos that form a two-episode mini-series about multiple love plots and… a ladder. Yes guys, I got the ladder reference. That was really appreciated. Thank you, you’re the best. M.