The Week In Videos (02/17 – 02/23)

Forest Swords – The Weight Of Gold

Our roundup through the best videos of last week starts, this time, with the one that’s probably the best music video of 2014 (so far). Directed by Benjamin Millepied (aka. the choreographer behind Aronofsky’s Black Swan) and set in Israel, it’s as inspirational, tormented and, overall, stunning as last year’s Engravings was. Wow.


Hypnotized – Ghost Walk

We wrote about these Brighton three-piece’s debut single just a few days ago, but, still, we couldn’t help but feature also the video that accompanies the song. Created by Eva Bowan & Robin White, the clip works as the perfect complement to Hypnotized’s music, bonding various visual styles such as painting, digital art and collage of fantasy worlds inhabited by haunting fears, very much like the band handles multiple musical genres to give life (and depth) to their psychedelic output. Thumb up.


London Grammar – Hey Now

Yes, we know that this UK trio is, by now, way too popular to be featured on a new music-focused blog. We actually had a sort of personal crisis when we learnt that their songs have reached even the ears of the winner of this year’s Festival di Sanremo (which, if you do not know, is the weird celebration of everything is not musically up to date in Italy). But, still, we love London Grammar and we always collocated their music into woods populated by fairytale creatures and, in particular, by foxfires. The Chris Ullens-directed video for Hey Now confirms.


Indian Wells – South Beach

Director Valentina Dell’Aquila’s visual take on Indian Well’s South Beach is gentle and all kind of warm. It basically opens up to a parallel world where everything is serene, summery or kaleidoscopic. Fovever. Pair it with the video for Be Forest’s Captured Heart and get early into Spring through Italian dreamy eyes.


Perfect Pussy – I  

There’s a kid in the Going Solo crew that succeeded in get his hands on a Perfect Pussy’s vinyl with blood inside and is now bullying everyone around. It’s me.