Introducing: No Glucose Festival

With its third edition about to kick off, No Glucose Festival is starting to become a beautiful tradition to carry on for the underground music scene of Bologna (which is the town where I’ve been living for 10 years, in case you were wondering). A safe, welcoming place where people gather to share a beer, make some memories and of course listen to good music. We recently interviewed this year’s headliner, Danish rock band Yung. The line-up also includes acts for the likes of Ducktails, James Ferraro and SOVIET SOVIET and it’s completed by many Italian acts that we’re going to introduce today.

We asked to each band to choose the most representative song and send us a few lines about it. The result is the playlist you can find below.


Bee Bee Sea

About the track: “Mary is the first song we wrote in our discography. When I (Wilson) was 20 I had a crush for that Mary, but when she came back in town after a long time I was really disappointed as i found out she was taking pills with my friends!


About the track: “A plastic bag on a beach being mistaken for a jellyfish.


About the track: I really wanted this one to be pretty much like it is, I’ve spent a lot of energies on it. I’m 90% satisfied and that’s a good score.

Flyin’ Zebra

About the track: This is you listening to a speech from an old russian wise woman, you hear the voice but you cannot see any woman there…
You are determined to find her, so you go out looking for her but you suddenly find yourself in a desert, no one around, while summer is spreading out,still the air is cold, humid and thick.



About the track: City of who is that magical moment when that beat drops. When everything moves, synchronizes to the beat and the environment floats and bends to the mood of whatever is in your headphones.

The Smudjas

About the track: “‘Play that record’ is a song about friendship and records and how these two things combined can help in shitty moments of life. It talks about how true friendship can last forever, over distance, life problems and general shit. It’s one of our favorite live songs, and we always play that as last one because there is this riff that goes forever and the singalong. Last year at the Fluff Fest in Tchec Republic it was incredible, one of the most intense moments of our (short) carreer, people stagediving everywhere, confettis, and so many many many smiles..