Going Solo is looking for a new contributor

We are looking for a new contributor to Going Solo. This beautiful hobby has become more challenging than expected and time has come to open our doors to new people.

Words matter. We are using the word hobby because that’s exactly what it is: a hobby. We live, breath and write about music daily, which means this is that kind of occupation that demands a lot of free time. However we are not making money from the blog. None of us has ever earned a penny from Going Solo. Sad but true. Then, obviously, we can’t pay anyone.

Now that you know what the trick is, let’s see how big is your love for music.

The best candidate is
_ fluent in English;
_ possibly Italian (not mandatory, but we’d like to maintain our core in Italy);
_ possibly a girl (our team is mostly made by men, so we would like to give space to a female voice);
_ passionate about music, especially the kind of artists we usually feature on the blog;
_ aware that this will require a lot of personal free time.

If you are still reading, you might be the right person. Send us an email at¬†wearegoingsolo@gmail.com (with the subject “new contributor“),¬†containing some general infos about your persona, the music you usually listen to and your previous experiences as music writer (if you ever had one).