Going Focus: Hinds

Hinds are a long time Going Solo’s fave. History tells we tried to bring them to Italy when they were just a duo called Deers, probably couldn’t perform a show longer than 20 minutes (as Bamboo and Trippy Gum were their only original songs) and certainly before they started sell-out every venue they play: the “Bel Paese” wasn’t ready yet.

Though, we hadn’t to suffer our nation’s regular delay from the rest of the world to get a live taste of Hinds’ rickety take on garage pop. We met the Spanish four-piece before their gig at Covo Club, Bologna, while they were still fighting the hangover from the previous night. Smartly.

Going Solo: Do you know what HumanHuman is?

Carlotta Cosials: no.

It’s a web platform where music bloggers from all over the world “bet” on musician they think will be popular one day. Well, we added you to our roster of discoveries when you had just a single on the internet. So, here’s an accurate statistic of what happened to your band in less than a year and a half: you had just a hundred Last.FM listeners when we put our eyes on you, now there are at least 70.000 humans in the world who have listened to your music. How do you feel about that?

Ana García Perrote: Woah! It’s a lot of people! And I didn’t expect that… It’s… it’s perfect!

Amber Grimbergen: We’re living the dream, really.

What were you doing before Hinds? I mean, did you even play music?

Carlotta: We knew some guitar, but no, noone of us was in a band. Ade (Martín) had a radio show, Amber used to make videos, I was the MC at a karaoke…

Ana: …and we were all studying, but end up spending the most of the time at our favourite bar (Bar Sidi in downtown Malasaña). So we all dropped uni. You know, life.

It should not be wrong to say that you toured the world constantly since the band was born. What’s your most memorable tour experience so far?

Ana: Visiting Lyon and Hong Kong was beautiful.

Amber: New York gig was insane! They really “feel” the music there.

Carlotta: In Vietnam we played with the sea in front of the stage and palms on our back: very balearic!

What’s Hinds’ essential tour kit?

Ana: Earphones, lip gloss, more chargers than clothes, and a flowerpot we always carry with us.

Carlotta: …and contacts! Contacts are important.

So you toured a lot, but not going to be at Primavera Sound this year…

Carlotta: No. And it’s hard because all our best friends will be there and we’re not seeing them for too long now. Anyway, we never thought of ourselves as “a group for Primavera”. You should also consider that the festival takes place in Barcelona and we’re from Madrid…

You recently spoke about the struggle of being female musicians in a sexist music world and a few weeks ago Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors revealed on Twitter that she’s been sexually harassed by a prominent music PR. Many other woman supported her statement. Something to add on the subject?

Ana: We played in Turin last night and got harassed by a group of drunk, Spanish Erasmus male students. They started yelling at us from the very moment we walked on stage, insulted us both personally and sexually, tried to encourage people to leave the venue and, at the end, succeeded in ruining the show to (luckily only) a few guys in the crowd. Unfortunately it wasn’t the first time: it really seems that there is still too many people in the world who doesn’t consider female musicians as equals of their male counterparts, and even people who genuinely wish they fall to say “I was right: they’re only selling discs and sell-out venues ‘cause they’re cute”.

hindsvinylDo you think something will ever change?

Ana: We hope so. On our side, we understood from the very beginning of Hinds that making music as an all-female band is not only about having and sharing fun with the audience: we know now that we have a role in making the music world a better world.

We confess that before you and Parrots gained some recognition, Spanish indie music as seen from Italy was essentially Delorean. There is any other Spanish band we should put on our radar?

Carlotta: We highly recommend you to listen to Los Nastys. They were our favourite garage band when we were even more teenager than we are now. They probably still. We can say that, somehow, Hinds exists because of Los Nastys. We also did a cover of one of their best songs: Holograma.

Ana: Exnovios and Sen Senra are great too.

Amber: Yeah, and there’s also plenty of fantastic Spanish electronic music you should dig into.

Would you say that your way of making music is “very Spanish”?

Ade: Yes.

Carlotta: Really? I thought our music was more like… American?

Ana: I agree with both of you. Our biggest musical influences come from the USA, but we’re absolutely Spanish in our attitude.

We understood that making music as an all-female band is not only about having and sharing fun with the audience: we have a role in making the music world an equal world.Ana García Perrote – Hinds

Okey, quick check on your favourite things starting from… your favourite TV show.

Carlotta: Friends.

Ade: Cuéntame.

Amber: Shameless.

Ana: Compañeros!

Favourite meal.

Carlotta and Ane: Pasta!

Ade: Tortilla y patata.

Amber: Calamaries! Chupitos!

Favourite record from last year.

Carlotta: Who me? by Juan Wauters.

Amber: Same here.

Ana: …and here.

Ade: I prefer Kendrick Lamar.

Favourite member of Hinds.

Everyone: …

Will Di Caprio get that fucking Oscar?

Carlotta: Erm… is it true that tortellini were invented here?

Amber: What is “tortellini”?

Hinds tortellini