Going Focus: Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles who garnered a huge success earlier this year with her breakthrough single River, which reached millions of listeners all over the globe. She has already proved to be a rising star and with an incredible tour side by side with Coldplays and a debut album on the horizon, we expect great things from her and had the chance to ask her few questions…

Image credit: Chad Kamenshine. Check out the full, amazing photo shoot of Bishop Briggs here.


Going Solo: Hello Bishop, thank you for your time. Even though we’ve been talking about you, can you introduce yourself to our few readers who don’t know you yet ?

Hey! I am Bishop Briggs and I am an alternative artist whose music focuses on trap soul elements!

“Bishop Briggs” come from the native city of your parents, right? But you were born in London and grew up in Japan and Hong Kong. Why did you decide to use this name? Did these countries help you to get closer to different kinds of music and influenced you?

Being Scottish is a huge part of who I am and I wanted it to always be a reminder of where I came from. I think growing up in those places is inevitably inspiring and it’s all about what’s being played in your household. I was lucky that my parents filled our home with Motown music and The Beatles.

Some weeks ago you’ve been touring with Coldplay, how’s been the experience to share the stage with a band as big as them

Yes! Crazily that was only last week which is hard to believe where the time went! All I can say is that it was incredibly surreal to be there and I couldn’t help but take in every second. I am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity.

01-bishop-briggs-chad-kamenshine-1Have you been able to spend time with them outside the stage and get to know them better?

Yes! They were super supportive and kind. It’s always reassuring to know that a band, as big as they are, still care to make connections

I know you have performed your hit River at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, talk us about that night!

That night was a blur! I had never done anything like that before so I just had to get into the emotion of the music. I pretended I was playing at one of our shows and I think that helped me get into the moment and hopefully make that connection with the audience!

About River… how’s been to have your second single ever soaring up the charts since its debut?

I am very thankful! I am still writing every single day and trying to better myself as a musician as much as I can but the one change has been more people coming on this journey with me. My goal with playing shows is that someone will leave my show wanting to write themselves so I hope we are making others motivated and inspired to explore their own creativity.

I think the challenge is picking your words wisely and not going with the line that rhymes best. It’s all about where you emotionally feel during that section of the song.Bishop Briggs

It must feel strange to start from zero to play at the Rose Bowl. Even though everything happened so fast for you, what do you think of your journey and your improvement?

This year has been a whirlwind! But the journey began long before this year and I think that’s what makes me so appreciative of everything that is happening. This is the most authentic I have ever felt when writing and creating. I am always seeking improvement and working on music everyday so hopefully it pays off! We’ll see…

You define yourself as a poet and you write your songs on your own, so what do you think about the correlation between music and writing and the relevance of lyrics ?

I think it all has to connect. I think the challenge is picking your words wisely and not going with the line that rhymes best. It’s all about where you emotionally feel during that section of the song. When I began collaborating with Mark Jackson and Ian Brendon Scott (the producers behind my music), it all came together in my mind.

What do you plan for your future? There are some artist you would like to collaborate with?

Simply put, my plans are to release more music and play more shows! Ooh good question. I would love to collaborate with Jack Garratt, Jack Antonoff and Tyler from Twenty One Pilots.

Your song Be Your Love has been included in the FIFA 17 soundtrack among many other up-and-coming artists, many of whom have been featured on blogs like ours since their very first steps. First of all, congrats! I think my question here is if you personally felt the support of the blogosphere and if you think that these outlets and tastemakers are still a force that can positively change an artist’s career.

Thank you so much! The blogosphere is what started everything for me so I am incredibly appreciative of their efforts in showing their support. And yes – it makes a huge difference! It’s still where I learn about new music I maybe wouldn’t have known. Plus having a unique voice writing a piece about you? Nothing beats that.

I really looking forward for new works and your debut album, so my last question is: how do you imagine it?

I imagine it to be…honest.