Eurosonic: an introduction to the Italian artists

Like no other festival, Eurosonic looks like heaven for buzz bloggers like us. Plenty of up-and-coming new artists ready to take the big swing. Many of them have been featured on these pages last year (and the one before) and doing our usual “what should I see” seems now a more difficult task expected. There would be the risk to leave out too many deserving acts. To be honest, our hearts are already crying knowing the fact that we’ll be forced to not catch a lot of the amazing artists who are included on the festival bill. So we thought to do a useful thing: introducing to our readers and all the festival goers the Italian squad at Eurosonic.


When: THU 12 JAN;
Where: MUTUA FIDES (20:45 – 21:30)

This young singer/songwriter with Italian and Colombian roots is the alt pop face of Universal Italy. Through her music she’s trying to lead Italy’s mainstream pop scene towards a more contemporary and international direction. We root for her to succeed of course, aware that the task she is facing is anything but easy.


When: WED 11 JAN / THU 12 JAN
Where: HUIZE MAAS, MAIN (22:15 – 23:00) / LUTHERSE KERK, KERKZAAL (21:20 – 22:00)

Hailing from Rome, Filippo Bonamici goes on traveling from Dublin to Berlin busking in the streets and trying to graduating in industrial design before deciding to dedicate all his efforts to music as FIL BO RIVA. Rough soulful vocals that will make your bones vibrate and will resonate in every inch of space around you. Halfway between folk, blues and soul music with a desperate sense of urgency and a big heart, Filippo has just released his debut EP If You’re Right, It’s Alright.


When: WED 11 JAN / THU 12 JAN
Where: DE ETAGE (22:15 – 23:00) / NEWS CAFE (20:00 – 20:45)

There’s no mystery here. We absolutely love Emanuela Drei’s new project GIUNGLA. So much that we founded a record label and released her debut EP Camo last year. Her songs are often wrapped in a sparkling puff of reverbs, but never loose their pop sensibility. We can’t honestly wait for Eurosonic’s audience to fall in love with her fiery live set.


When: FRI 13 JAN
Where: STADSSCHOUWBURG (00:15 – 01:00)

Dario Faini’s creature Dardust is a captivating live machine which stands halfway between a pure neo-classical performance and an electronic set inspired by acts like Sigur Ròs, Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds. Dardust is set to release a new acoustic album next spring (after two worldwide acclaimed LPs), but in the meantime you should give him the chance to hypnotize you with strings, beats and visuals.


When: WED 11 JAN / THU 12 JAN
Where: NEWS CAFE (22:50 – 23:35) / USVA (20:00 – 20:40)

Alice Bisi came out of the blue last year and immediately found herself playing a leading role in the Italian independent scene thanks to a debut album (Born In The Woods, released by tastemaking label We Were Never Being Boring) which ended up in the high ranks of all the national year-end charts. A loyal audience is growing across the country and it seems now the right time for Birthh to take over along all Europe as well.


When: FRI 13 JAN
Where: VRIJDAG (21:25 – 22:10)

Still a teenager (lucky you, man) and without an official release on the way, Kiol candidates to be one of the most promising acts around. Powerful scratchy vocals reminiscent of Paolo Nutini and a natural disposition for performing live with his folk and bluesy guitar have made everyone anxious about his forthcoming debut EP (out January 6th via Warner Music BE).


When: WED 11 JAN / THU 12 JAN
Where: DE SPIEGHEL, UP (21:30 – 22:15) / DE ETAGE (01:15 – 02:00)

Literally The Sportsmen, the alt-rock duo formed by Lorenzo Petri and Nicola Zanetti has made of their rough, bluesy sound a mission. They released their sophomore record Fuzz Days last year, a title that fully reflects their music. Yes, it’s nothing new but it’s damn well played and that’s the reason why you should give them a chance.