Album details: Alpaca Sports – Sealed With A Kiss

It seems like yesterday when Alpaca Sports uploaded their first ever single Just for Fun on the web, but instead have already been 2 years. Now, after five other singles, it’s time to bring together the results of their work.

We’re pleased to announce their proper debut album Sealed With A Kiss, which will be released February 24th through Luxury and Dufflecoat Records.

Everyone who pre-orders the album (you can get a copy by heading herehere or here) will get a bonus CD for free: it contains exclusive remixes/covers by Red Sleeping Beauty, The Royal Landscaping, Tiny Fireflies, Cristina Quesada, When Nalda Became Punk, Invisible Twin, Pale Spectres, Boyish, Band à Part, Zipper, One Day Diary and The Very Most. What are you waiting for?

Check out the beautiful artwork by Ray Kimura, the album tracklist and two “old” remixes.

1. Just for Fun
2. Will You Ever Come Back Home?
3. She’ll Come Back for Indian Summer
4. Just Like Johnny Marr
5. As Long as I Have You
6. Telephone
7. He Doesn’t Even Like You
8. The Old Oak Tree
9. You and Me
10. I Was Running