Going Solo is the first Italy-based music blog that actually cares about new music.

It is curated by a bunch of guys who are tired about the way the people involved into Italian musical press are only concerned about making "the most of the clicks" out of the latest (terribile) Pearl Jam album review and Miley Cyrus-related tabloid news, instead of actually 'do something' for the music itself.

We also can't accept the way most of the critics who write about music in Italy think about themselves as superior, more influent authorities than bloggers, while we all know that there are many bloggers around (think of the guys behind GvB, NFOP, AdHoc, etc.) that have an actual impact on the 'music scene' they cover. This is something that no one in Italy can currently say about himself.

So, we decided to run away from this particular Italian approach to music - in the same way we go abroad to find a proper job that we can't have in our country (thanks Government!) - and engage an 'active role' in the music industry.

To be clear: we won't promote every artist/band that will send us stuff. Instead, we will only write about musicians we really believe in. And, of course, we will try to do that before everyone else has already told you that you absolutely have to like 'em.

Editor-in-chief: Mattia Villa
Contributing editors: Marco Masoli
Writers: Mara D’Andria, Giulia Pipino, Massimo Rancati, Andrea Forti, Giacomo Cortese
Webmaster: Luca Pasi


Due to the huge amount of submissions we receive weekly, it's time to be more specific about our submission policy.

Few things you need to know before submitting your music:

we cover a wide range of genres, but we're not really into country/americana, metal, hard-rock, prog, rap, EDM, techno, house, ska and for Christ's sake no reggae!

> we don't review LP/EP. Never did, never will.

> we don't feature cover songs.

> remixes will be featured only in a dedicated playlist column that drops every Friday. No exceptions.

> videos will be featured only in the dedicated section, unless the song is out only in that format and we like it enough to write a blog post about it.

> we don't feature tracks that show only a "preview" on Soundcloud. More and more label/managements/artists are starting to follow this policy to geoblock streamings on Soundcloud. But guess what, not everyone lives in the UK or the US. We're based in Italy and we need to think to all our potential readers.

> we embed only tracks from Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Youtube. We do not embed Spotify or other streaming services. That would go against the whole idea of having a buzz blog and would turn us only into mere selectors. Embedding Youtube already means giving up to HypeM, which is a benefit for us but also for artists.

General inquiries & submissions: wearegoingsolo [at] gmail [dot] com

Please note that this blog is run daily by Mattia, with the help of Marco Z. and Marco M.

We receive 350/400 emails every week (counting only those who land into our Gmail's Primary folder. It goes without saying that we can't reply to everyone. Emails that reach only the Promotions folder will not be considered).

There are also other ways to submit your music, which require a small fee (because you know... we like to pay the bills). None of them guarantees to be featured on the blog. We're driven only by our taste.


You will get an answer (either positive or negative) in 48 hours.


You can ask us up to five questions. You’ll get more attention and a meaningful, honest feedback.